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                        current:About Us
                                Zhengzhou Enge Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou Import and Export Processing Zone. The company has an independent trademark and successfully passed ISO and CE certification. It is a 3A enterprise with independent research and development and independent design. The company has developed a variety of drying ovens and electric furnaces based on  the introduction of German technical data combined with domestic material construction.
                                The company mainly produces drying ovens, muffle furnaces, tube furnaces, ceramic fiber muffle furnaces, furnaces and other experimental instruments. We not only provide the most versatile standard products, but also rely on technical strength to design and develop according to customer needs. Simple, reliable and reliable device for users, users, and users.
                               Management humanization, procurement supervision, production scale, and service institutionalization are our core. Humanized management allows each employee to take the factory as the home, the customer as the foundation, and the company as the bridge to carry more of the customer's flight. The bulk procurement and scale production reduce the cost and reduce the loss so that we can better benefit the customer. The institutionalization of services allows us to serve our customers more timely and effectively, to satisfy users' returns to the company, and to let us go further on a win-win basis.
                               The company's products focus on appearance and are committed to energy conservation. The accumulation of many years of experience and feedback of information makes us more eager to welcome every customer, because your arrival is the golden key to our development. The suggestion is that we develop the source, your satisfaction is the sign of our development, thank you to every customer who arrives! Welcome every customer here!

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                        • 100% quality products

                          100% quality products

                          Guarantee product quality, please rest assured to buy

                        • Fast delivery

                          Fast delivery

                          Guarantee the goods completely and quickly

                        • Three-year warranty

                          Three-year warranty

                          We offer a 3-year warranty

                        • After-sales service in place

                          After-sales service in place

                          After-sales team escorts you

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