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                        Well vacuum furnace
                        Well vacuum furnace

                        Well vacuum furnace

                        product type:Well type furnace

                        This series of resistance furnace system periodic operation type. It can be used by laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research and other units for element analysis and determination, heat treatment of molten metal and general small steel parts.

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                        Application: this series of resistance furnace system periodic operation type. It can be used by laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research and other units for element analysis and determination, heat treatment of molten metal and general small steel parts.

                        The shell of the electric furnace is cylinder. The furnace shell is welded with thin steel plate. The working chamber is an integral furnace made of refractory materials. There is a threading groove in the furnace. The heating elements are placed in the threading groove. Fan foam brick and vermiculite powder are used as insulation layer between furnace and shell.
                        The electric furnace is equipped with a temperature controller, which can be connected with a thermocouple to measure the temperature in the furnace.


                        Main model:


                        model power

                        Furnace size

                        Φ×L mm

                        SG2-1.5-10 1.5 220 1000 Φ100×150
                        SG2-3-10 3 220 1000 Φ150×200
                        SG2-5-10 5 220 1000 Φ200×250
                        SG2-7.5-10 7.5 380 1000 Φ250×300
                        SG2-1.5-12 1.5 220 1200 Φ100×150
                        SG2-3-12 3 220 1200 Φ150×200
                        SG2-5-12 5 220 1200 Φ200×250
                        SG2-7.5-12 7.5 380 1200 Φ250×300
                        SG2-3-13 3 220 1300 Φ100×150
                        SG2-5-13 5 220 1300 Φ150×200
                        SG2-6-13 6 220 1300 Φ200×250
                        SG2-9-13 9 380 1300 Φ250×300
                        SG2-3-16 3 220 1600 Φ100×150
                        SG2-5-16 5 380 1600 Φ150×200
                        SG2-8-16 8 380 1600 Φ200×250
                        SG2-12-16 12 380 1600 Φ250×300


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                          100% quality products

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