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                        Lifting furnace
                        Lifting furnace

                        Lifting furnace

                        product type:Lifting furnace (melting furnace)

                        The lifting furnace of zirconia furnace of denture furnace adopts 1900 new process type silicon molybdenum rod, which will not cause secondary pollution to the crown; the furnace adopts circular structure, heating elements are evenly distributed around, users can stack the crucible and raise it automatically through the lifting mechanism, and heating curve can be set unattended.

                        The enterprise has passed the ISO, CE, 3A certification, with the patented technology of electric oven, other specifications and sizes can be inquired by the caller!

                        The high-purity oxygen high-temperature furnace of zirconia furnace of denture furnace adopts 1900 new process type silicon molybdenum rod, which will not cause secondary pollution to the crown; the furnace adopts circular structure, and the heating elements are evenly distributed around, the user can stack the crucible and raise it automatically through the lifting mechanism, and the heating curve can be set unattended.


                        Technical parameters:

                        Name: Denture furnace

                        Working size: diameter 120 * 120 (larger space, more uniform temperature)

                        Power: 0-3kw adjustable

                        Heating element: 1900 silicon molybdenum rod

                        Instrument control: Yudian touch screen (50 processes can be edited for storage)

                        Weight: 65kg

                        Boundary dimension: 400 * 400 * 700


                        The enterprise has passed the ISO, CE, 3A certification, with the patented technology of electric oven, other specifications and sizes can be inquired by the caller!

                        • 100% quality products

                          100% quality products

                          Guarantee product quality, please rest assured to buy

                        • Fast delivery

                          Fast delivery

                          Guarantee the goods completely and quickly

                        • Three-year warranty

                          Three-year warranty

                          We offer a 3-year warranty

                        • After-sales service in place

                          After-sales service in place

                          After-sales team escorts you

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